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Magnolia Grove - Families

Your family's so busy, sometimes you need a flow chart to understand where everyone is going to be throughout the day.

A well designed home (with extra storage space in strategic areas and floor plans that balance privacy with socializing) allows family members to flow freely between work, sports, hobbies, volunteering, and home life.

Magnolia Grove family homes have space in the right place. It's a simple concept that has a big effect on your life, yet a lot of builders relegate it to the bottom of their lists.

Here's one small example of the space principle in action: your son plays hockey three times a week. Because your home has an oversized garage with accompanying storage space, he can store and dry his equipment in your own personal "drop off area" steps away from your vehicle. Without this space, he would be lugging that equipment through the house, parading its unique aroma through the living areas, then storing it on the patio (unsightly and easy to trip over) or in his room (all who enter hereafter proceed with caution).

Family homes at Magnolia Grove also include a host of other features that elevate your comfort level and provide you with the perfect setting to either retreat from everyday life or host family and friends.

Benefits include parking large enough for two vehicles (live the dream of having a parking spot for your guests), private fenced backyards with green space backdrops, private front entrances and patio areas that don't nuzzle up to your neighbours, and spacious kitchens with island dining, abundant drawer, cupboard and pantry space.

And to give children and families their own place to meet and play, Magnolia Grove will have an onsite playground that includes comfortable and convenient picnic tables large enough to accommodate a full array of both nutritious and sugar infused snacks, as well as stuffed animals and six packs of sippy cups.

Convenient, Comfortable & Affordable!