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lotus unique features

Total Living Area ~ 1,577sqft.
Main Floor ~ 759sqft.
Upper Floor ~ 752sqft.
Lower Floor ~ 66sqft.
Lower Floor Unfinished ~ 253sqft.
Plus Garage

Lotus features a Kitchen and Great Room, the rooms you spend the most time in, right on the same level as your privately fenced patio.

Serving and eating dinner in a room that is an extension of your backyard and the green space that borders it, has a serene quality that holds other distractions at bay and helps you live in the moment. These backyards may back against grass, gardens, shrubs and trees, stone walls or the naturally beautiful ravine depending on which home is yours.

You’ll also own the perfect home for hosting social events with friends. Dinner parties can flow seamlessly between your barbecue and patio, and your kitchen (with open floor design and huge 6 ft X 3 ft solid surface island, with room for stool seating) and entertainment areas -- no stairs involved.

Who has too much garage space?   Will you have your dream wine cellar, bountiful storage space, have some motorcycles or a collector car?   Whether you’re a hobby enthusiast or want a workshop this extra space will keep things in their place, another benefit of owning a home designed as a luxury retreat.

The upper floor has three spacious bedrooms that are configured for maximum privacy and don’t line up in a row next to each other, eliminating the urge to tap on the wall and ask "is everything all right over there?" The bathrooms are designed with long lasting quality in mind, with highly durable, stain-free low maintenance acrylic bathtubs and showers.

Lotus laundry duties stay close to the bedrooms, with washer and dryer on the upper floor. While running up and down stairs was really fun when you were five and had an extensive Slinky collection, multi-floor recon missions for lost socks and fabric softener tend to zap your energy at the end of a long day. When it comes to laundry, we keep it all in one place, where it makes the most sense.

As with all homes at Magnolia Grove, you will have private goodbyes because your home has it's own front steps plus a private driveway large enough for two side by side compact vehicles to park when visitors stop by.